About Us

At ElevatedPhotographer we create products to spread positivity, inspiration and the world's natural beauty through photography. Whether you are going abroad or to your local park, our products are perfect for keeping your equipment organized, protected and convenient for travel.

Our design team are passionate photographers, especially for nature photography. Mountains, forests, deserts - it's a photographer’s dream! We design our products based on our experience and include features we as photographers find useful and effective for the journeys we take.

After launching our best-selling camera backpack, the feedback has been astounding. Originally just a sketch created while sitting around a kitchen table, we are extremely proud to see how our idea gradually became a reality - one that we and our customers love. We are continuing to develop new products with the core aim of enabling everyone to capture stunning photographs.

Our research and product development takes place in London, United Kingdom and we are extremely proud to provide our products globally, shipping from both US and EU located warehouses.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please email us at info@elevatedphotographer.com